Katrina Kaif steals thunder on Instagram with her photoshoot

Katrina Kaif’s Instagram, in my candid opinion, has been one of my favorite accounts to follow among Bollywood celebrities. She provides a fresh breath of air in leu of all the accounts with endless posts promoting a product, magazine or even a film. I‘m not disregarding the extensive work that went behind those accounts, but sometimes, I would like to see bits and pieces of a celebrity’s life and the behind-the-scenes craze that comes with it.

For a celebrity who used to believed that social media provided a distraction from what really matters – communication between human beings. Overtime she began warming up to the idea of being on social media and being able to connect with her online fan base as well as following other people. In 2016, she first debuted on Facebook and received an enthusiastic welcome among her fans, friends and contemporaries. A little under a year, she made her Instagram debut.

For a celebrity that has a rumored reputation of being a cold person, Katrina definitely portrays us a whole different picture. Katrina Kaif is purely just an introverted person who loves to have fun (especially play pranks on her close friends.) One can also note her dynamic relationships with her family, colleagues, and close friends. Katrina provides us a glimpse of whom she is, and yet there is mysteriousness that seems to cloud her, which makes it even more intriguing.

I pulled three pictures from Katrina Kaif Instagram, all are photographer Tarun Vishwa‘s work. I decided to play around with a photo editing program called Luminar, and bring that soft dewy to enhance the playfulness the images seems to carry.

I tagged the original photos with the photographer’s credit under each photo for references.

1.jpeg[Original: Tarun Vishwa]
2.jpeg[Original: Tarun Vishwa]
3.jpeg[Original: Tarun Vishwa]

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